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Nothing to see here folks!! Let’s move on!!

Well this is the proverbial another day another dollar cliche! I’m here at work for the start of a really long week, 47.5 hours of work at my second job. Theoretically there is only 86 more day or less than … Continue reading

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One hundred days and a more difficult issue!

That’s right one hundred days to go! My oh my I’m starting to get more and more anxious to get this over with! I’m tired of waiting and I’m tired of being in between everything! Ugh and I’m so tired … Continue reading

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The Words Hurt More Than Ever!

So it’s been a while friends. And so many things are going on it’s hard to keep my head on straight! But I’ll update you all about that later. Today I think I’d like to bring up something that may … Continue reading

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Well maybe things weren’t that bad.

Welcome back folks!! When we last left our heroine she thought her world was crumbling because of being outed by someone. But as is usually the case, the first reaction or though is not necessarily the best gauge of what … Continue reading

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New Year Resolution!

  I’d like to say 2013 was a wonderful year for me. In reality it was many things but wonderful probably is not the first word that would pop in my mind. Some words that would probably be more befitting … Continue reading

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It’s The Most Dangerous Time of The Year!!

Does anyone care to guess what is the most dangerous time of the year, for a trans person?? In general the “In between” time is the most dangerous time,of all. By in between I’m speaking of the time when trans … Continue reading

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Do I Pass???? The Real Life Test

So how many people have had a medical condition where there is a pre-treatment, a medical treatment, a pass fail test and then the surgical treatment? Sort of sounds ridiculous but it’s really not for gender identity disorder. This will … Continue reading

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