Hey Folks!!  My name is Rikki Nicole Maher and welcome to my blog.  As a bit of housekeeping, let me start by saying a couple things about myself.  First, I am an Administrator of a Medical Department at a major University.  I am a simple person with a not so simple life.  I have three great kids and a grand son that I am raising.  I have my little kitty named Sheldon and pretty much that’s all.

Just so there’s no disappointments here, let me start by saying this blog is going to be about everything and nothing at the same time.

Everything because it will represent everything to me; some thoughts, my past, my future and whatever else I can dream up.  I’ll have a lot of stuff in the beginning giving you an idea about where I came from, how everything came to be and why (if any) I chose the paths I did.  I’m hoping it will help anyone who ever goes through circumstances like I did or just to try to explain to those who care enough to read this.

It will also represent nothing because this is just my thoughts and stuff.  In the grand scheme of things I’m really insignificant, I’m just me, just the one person in this great cosmos.  This part is probably cheesy but you know, this is my thought.

Lastly, as I am transgender, there may be things that offend you or you don’t agree with.  And if I do this, well I apologize up front.  I apologize that it may offended you but not that I am trans, this is just who I am and I can’t help that.

Please enjoy this site and leave feedback so I can make this a better blog.


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