What’s it Like Being a Woman?  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

A couple days ago I had an interesting question, what is it like to be a woman?  This got me to thinking how do you answer that in something less than the legnth of a novel?  So after a little thought I figure I’d give it a try in three parts, hence the blog post title!
So this will be the good parts I’ve found so far.  A couple of disclaimers, especially to some of my more extreme feminist friends out there, yes my actual experience has been short, but I think I have an interesting perspective, I’ve seen both sides of the fence!  Next, yes I don’t suffer through the week long torment each month that most other women deal with.  However, I do know there’s more to being a woman than just these disclaimers so let’s get started!

Since its been a while since I spoken about this, let me recap something, first off it’s been over three and a half years since I came to the realization that my life had to take a different path and I started to change my life and Rikki became officially me.  A lot has happened in this time and to be sure my life and life of any others changed.  In this three and a half years I have had to grow up a lot!  And I guess this is where I’ve learned the most about the good parts about being a woman.  Both in myself and those that have helped me to grow up, so to speak.  My doctor started me on hormone therapy three years ago and I had surgery almost two years ago.  And that’s where my journey ended so to speak!  Since then, I’ve been living as myself and have never been more content in my life.  Now that the recap is out of the way, lets get back to the question at hand.  What it like being a women, the good so far:

  • The first thing that I think women share is our compassion for others!  It was such compassion that people had for me that helped me through some struggles that I think a couple of times could have crippled me at any point.  From friends who took me in when I had no place to go, to other strangers who openly accepted me as me.  And to be sure this is not to say that guys don’t exhibit this same thait, but it’s so much more prevalent I find in women.  
  • Ok other good things, let’s see.  Ok, I love the fact that I can express myself in so many ways.  The variety of ways we can express ourselves through clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes and a whole bunch of other ways is almos endless.  Lol, sometimes too many ways, sometimes I can’t decide.
  • Women communicate a lot with each other, through verbal and non verbal means and I love this more than anything.  I love that I can share things with my friends and they share things with me.  It means so much to us, well at least I don’t think I’m the only one who values this.  The only pitfall is sometimes its hard to hide when something is bothering us.  Usually when I try to, someone like my roommate will not leave me alone until I tell her what’s wrong.
  • Lol, ok one thing that I found is that women like to make decisions through group concensus.  In other words I like to explore ideas with my team at work and then come up with my decisions.  I find that I can find possibly better ideas from others and make better decisions.  The weird thing is this is sorta the way I’ve always managed my decisions but never realized it until lately.  For better or for worse I think this is one of our biggest advantages to being successful in the work place.
  • Chocolate, the universally amazing elicer.  It fixes my worse days and it’s AMAZING!!  Enough said.
  • I don’t have to ever wear a tie unless I really want to, hell to the yeah!
  • Lol, urinals!  I don’t have to awkwardly stare at a wall in silence when I relieve myself!  
  • Chick flicks, I can watch them and cry without being called a wuss!!
  • When someone sees me cry, I can always blame it on hormones.  But this will also show up on the BAD, post later!
  • Lol, no one can kick me in the balls, lol but getting kicked in the Vag is no cupcake either, and a titty twister hurts like heck, they really do especially during special times of the month!  Grr Haley!!
  • Ok this one can go either way, but having to sit down to pee is at least a few moments of peace during my day.  Plus carrying on a conversation with your friend in the next stall is not awkward!
  • Ok, so on a really big ship that hits an iceberg, I get to get into a lifeboat first.
  • Not having to shave our faces is a big plus.  Yes I know there are some that do but for the most part, no five o’clock shadow!!
  • Ok tightly whities, what the heck is up with this??
  • Door holding is awkward and I don’t know why guys do it, but sometimes it’s nice when a door is really heavy.
  • Oh yeah, I don’t have to sit on a wallets, that’s what my purse is for.  Hell I carry a small store of goods in my purse and there’s even a place for my change!
  • Spitting is disgusting guys, stop it, just stop it!  Ok that ones a little out of place, but I feel strongly about it!
  • Yes, dresses and skirts!  Love them, just not with panty hose.  I swear I think a guy invented them as a cruel joke.  But during the summer, dresses are just way more comfy in the office!
  • Tank tops, I love tank tops and to be honest I think girls look cuter in tank tops.  Ok, well then again a buffed out guy with an eight pack can also make ya turn your head.  Hey, women have eyes too ya know.
  • Oh heck I almost forgot the biggest plus of all, lol, sorry guys but we don’t have to worry about adjusting and tugging ourselves down there!  What the heck is that all about?  I mean seriously?

Ok so these are just a couple of the things that I could think of.  Yes I’ll admit some are silly.  But the bottom line is there’s a lot of good things, but to be fair there’s a lot of hardships that we do have to suffer through too.  I’ll get into those tomorrow I guess.

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