Why Do So Many People Have to Hate!


Folks, I have not put much out there regarding the hate mongering that seems to be exploding lately. And in this context I’m talking about the politicians and really mis informed people out there that are up in arms about everything doing with Transgender people.

In the recent months we are seeing an increase in transgender suicides, the number of transgender people killed by others this year (and it’s only February) is I believe 8 the last I counted and the number of pieces of anti-transgender legislations has exploded!! So here’s me on my soap box folks, I’m getting pissed off!! All of these issues have one thing in common…IGNORANCE and hate!! There is no other rational explanation!!

The thing that has just absolutely outraged me to no end today, is my own state of Kentucky passing a so called bathroom privacy law. And I know some of my friends out there are going to say something like, well I can sorta see their point of view, and I’m going to say to you all, NO!! No, there is no justification for smugly going out proclaiming that we have to “protect our women folk” when that is not what they are doing. These people are out screaming that if we don’t make transgender people use their birth assigned bathroom, then we are going to see perverts claiming to be Trans just to prey upon others. But here’s the thing, if you ask any one of these nimrods for an example of this happening they won’t have one instance to give you. Why, because it has never happened, not in any place, no where at any time!! That’s the bottom line, it has N E V E R happened!!

Here’s a big secret I’ll share with folks out there that may have some confusion about this, when Trans folks use a bathroom…I have to whisper this because it is a big secret…it’s because we have to use the damn BATHROOM!! Oh, and it is because if I were to have to use a male bathroom, I’d have a greater chance of being physically assaulted by some bigot or even sexually assaulted by some pervert. Hey, but I’m sure these folks out there pushing this trash legislation probably don’t care.

Here’s another consideration, if any of these law makers or misinformed people really are concerned about perverts getting into bathrooms, well then let them (the pervert) transition. I guarantee you that any pervert out there who is taking estrogen for a couple months, they are probably not going to be much of a sexual predator, maybe more emotional but that’s about it. I’m saying this disingenuously because like I said before, there has never been any case of a sexual assault by any transgender person or any person purporting to be transgender.

And why does this concern me so much? Well because one of the most traumatic parts of transitioning was getting over the fear of using the bathroom, any bathroom for that matter. Early on, I would literally walk to another building to search out a single stall, gender neutral bathroom because it was to uncomfortable, and terrifying, using the wrong restroom. And when I could not find that gender neutral bathroom and had to use the restroom, I would literally freeze if anyone else came into the bathroom after me. Yeah, now I can laugh about this, but back then you’d actually literally freeze mid pee!

And just to add one thing, the first person who suggests that this was my choice to go through this, I may come through this internet and slap you silly…it’s not a choice!!

All that I am saying to my friends out there, don’t be taken in by some slick politicians bag of BS. There is no secret agenda to corrupt or attack unsuspecting women or girls out there. We just want to pee!! It is said that ignorance is bliss, but in this case it is not!! Ignorance is ignorance! Just because people don’t understand me or any other transgender person, it’s not a reason to fear or be uncomfortable. I, we, you, us…we are all just wanting to live our lives. I’m not a bad person, not a weird person, not a freak and not even sick or disturbed person. I’m just me, just trying to live and be the best person I can be. Let me pee in peace, I’ll do the same for you!!

Oh yeah, this bill was originally defeated but the author repackaged and renamed the bill and it passed along party line!!

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One Response to Why Do So Many People Have to Hate!

  1. jerig says:

    Reblogged this on jeri's life a ts journey and commented:
    This is the first of many salvos we must fight against. Life for us transgender peoples is always a fight, with ourselves, with ignorant politicians and “Christian” people. This must end now.

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