How Costly this has Been!!


Most people following this blog have heard me talk about how much I have been working these days. The sad part is, this week I’ll have worked just about 100 hours at two different jobs. The sadder part is, it’s so ridiculous that I have to work to pay for proper medical care. The biggest problem that trans folks have to deal with is the bigotry that exist, bigotry that has keep most health plans from cover basic and necessary medical care. As a result of this bigotry, people have to either do without, do with only what they can afford, get some medical care from abroad, work like hell the way I have been for almost a year now or gone into illicit endeavors like the sex trades (yes, believe it or not some girls are so desperate that they will resort to this.)

Regardless, I’m so sick of hearing time and time again, certain people think that medical care that I and others need are either cosmetic, experimental or too costly. It makes me sick trying to explain time and time again to committees and so forth why this is not the case! Why surgery is not any more costly than having a knee replaces or a heart cath! Why surgery is not cosmetic but rather life saving in a lot of cases. Well, I can go on about this forever, but the purpose of the post is to let people know how costly this has been so far.

Laser hair removal – face, chest, stomach and surgical site – $1,800
Electrolysis – face – $5,400
Therapy – both psychiatry and psychologists – $ 3,000
Hormones and other meds – $ 2,500
Consult for gender surgery -$ 225
Gender and Breast Augmentation surgery – $19,600
Hospital charges – $5,860
Anesthesiology fees – $1,860
House cost after surgery – $1,200
Airline tickets – $ 387
Other transportation costs $300
Food and after care costs – $ 1,000

Total expected costs – $43,132

And there you have it folks! Oh, I didn’t include the cost of new wardrobes which as most girls will know, yeah, it’s a lot!! So the next time someone suggests that trans folks are doing this for some fetish or some other moronic reason, know that I don’t know too many fetishes that people have that involve so much money, time and sheer pain! But, for now this is the sad reality. The even worse part of this, if insurance companies would cover this, it would amount to about a .oo2% increase in overall health care costs.

Oh well, now you all know what it costs to be a trans woman in today’s economy!!! The positive thing, for me at least, I have been able to scrape together the necessary funds and I will be able to fix myself. The cost for my sanity and happiness, well that’s priceless! Lol!

Be good folks and have a great weekend. I’ve only got nine more of these work weekends to go!!

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4 Responses to How Costly this has Been!!

  1. Wow. I had no idea. That is amazingly expensive. I applaud the efforts you, and others, have gone through. I hope that soon, very soon, the landscape of America and the world can change to embrace what we, as your friends know… that being transgendered is wonderful. You are amazing… don’t forget it!

  2. rfmahe01 says:

    Oh, thanks so much for the comment!! I guess I’m sorta lucky I could find this second job!! I’d be screwed otherwise!!

  3. Lana says:

    Not to be a bubble burst-er but your kind of being a whiny bitch. Laser hair removal as well Electrolysis. Everyone gets not just trans folk. Same with Therapy – both psychiatry and psychologists. Also Hormones are also taken by non trans folk. People who have some cancers have to take very expensive hormones that are $1,200 a pop.

    Also no one is saying you have to have surgery to be who you want to be. Just because your trans does not mean its in the rule book to get surgeries and what not. Its what your doing for your self. There for suck it up butter cup. Also let me point out breast implants is cosmetic. Nothing about gender there since many women get that done.

    I thought your blog post was rather a whining one and rather annoying. That’s my 2 cents. Hope your surgery goes well but stop bitching.

    • rfmahe01 says:

      I think the point, more than anything, is how pricey transitioning is. Sure other medical things cost a lot, but most insurances font cover this so you have to find ways to pay a lot of expenses. And yeah, sometimes I can be whiny, but that why it’s my random thoughts!

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